Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some recent amis

Here are a couple of amis that I made recently. They are both Ana Paula Rimoli patterns from Amigurumi Two! which I recommend if you have little people to make things for!

This robot was made for my half-brother-in-law who turned 3 this month.

This hot air balloon was made for a girl in my knitting group who's expecting a baby next month - we had a surprise baby shower for her last week which was great fun.

I think I'll be making more from this book - I really like the little bird mobile and the turtle (complete with eggs and baby turtles, really cute!).

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Adventures in amigurumi

New(ish) year, new blog. I decided to create a blog for my crafty stuff (and by that I mean knitting and crochet), although other random things may creep in as well.

I learned to crochet in January 2009 after seeing photos of amigurumi critters online. "Ami-what?" was my initial reaction to the word, but I soon found out it was a Japanese word for dolls/animals crocheted (or knitted) in the round, and who really cared how to say it - they were cute!
After several failed attempts (ok, many failed attempts) I finally figured out how to crochet round in a continuous spiral and Squishy the green dog was my first finished ami. He is from a pattern in Ana Paula Rimoli's book "Amigurumi World" which I love!

Here are some of the other amis I've made from the same book: