Sunday, August 15, 2010

This little piggy went to market...

Had a nice day today at Duck Pond Market, sharing a stall with some members of my knitting group (the Harrow Knitters, who you can find on Ravelry). The sun was shining, which made a nice change from the monsoon-type weather we've had the last few days, and I was able to knit a few more rows of my New York scarf in between serving customers.

I managed to sell a Chubby Cat amigurumi pattern, one of my piggy egg cosies, and a pin cushion. Not made my fortune yet, but it's a start! At least it covered my stall fees this time as I'd been feeling a bit despondent about not selling anything at previous markets. Maybe I could be a contestant on The Apprentice some day with my amazing sales skills...! (Hahaha, highly doubtful!!!)

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