Monday, September 13, 2010

Yesterday's market

Yesterday was the last Duck Pond Market to be held in Harrow and it was soooo quiet. A lot of stall holders didn't bother coming, and our knitty stall was one of only 6 outside (there was a similar number inside). Between 10am and 2pm we sold a few buttons for a grand total of £1, and then I sold one of my keyrings and an amigurumi pattern. And that was it. My sale covered my share of the stall fees, so that's one positive, and the customer was lovely and seemed to really like my work, so that's another.

The guy on the bread stall from Flour Power City Bakery was giving bread away in the afternoon as it was going to be binned if he didn't sell it - at least we don't have that issue with unsold yarn! I did buy some lovely banana cake from him, and he had some gorgeous looking chocolate brownies too - if he's at Ruislip this coming Sunday, I think I'll be a repeat customer!

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